Operations Research Analysts
SEOUL, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
3 일 전

Job Description

SAIC anticipates hiring Operations Research Analysts to support transition planning for our customer in Yongsan, ROK.In this role, you will :

  • Provide detailed research, analysis, and documentation of COTP milestones, tasks, and actions to supported USFK divisions.
  • Provide continuous detailed updates to supported USFK division chiefs, as required, on COTP progress and issues through information papers, reports, and briefings.
  • Provide analysis, research of emerging COTP issues, strategic impacts and historical comparison of foundational Strategic Transition Plan (STP 2010), Strategic Alliance 2015 (SA 2015) documents, MOUs, MOAs, AoRs, options, solutions and development of briefing products.
  • Attend meetings, take notes, produce documents and presentations as directed.
  • Provide research, analysis, change recommendations, and solutions for the development of COTP annexes and appendixes, capabilities, certifications, force development, and integration of ROK exercises and concepts.
  • Schedule,and coordinate Action Officer (AO) bi-lateral, Council of Colonels (CoC), governance meetings to disseminate and receive information from stakeholders within the COTP governance process.
  • As part of historical analysis and record keeping, be prepared to assist in the response to inquiries from Congress, OSD, or HQDA.
  • This job is being posted contingent on award of contract.

  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Skills and experience to successfully perform the following : ability and expertise in performing evaluation and analysis of transformation and COTP strategic operations and force development, to include transformation and COTP strategic planning, strategic organizational planning, and review of joint and service doctrine.
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university.
  • Expertise in MS Office.
  • Proven ability to synthesize information and write for an executive audience.
  • Proven ability to explain in the form of an information or point paper a topic for coordination and / or staff purposes
  • Minimum two years experience in military headquarters or governmental agency headed by a flag officer or civilian SES
  • Minimum two years experience working with knowledge management process; minimum two years working with SharePoint as well as maintaining and sharing information across separate and unique networks.
  • Minimum tow years working in a classified environment while sharing information with foreign partners.
  • At least one year of Staff Taskings Systems experience, inputting, tracking and completing staff actions in a web based productive tool.
  • Graduate of CGSOC or joint service equivalent.
  • Secret Clearance
  • Masters Degree in any subject.
  • At least 5 years experience supporting USFK
  • Graduate of SSC
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