ON Semiconductor
27 일 전

Role & Responsibility

  • Technical support for issues in production
  • Experienced HV Si or SiC development engineer for device design area.
  • Simulation works for verifying the new SiC technology and predicting the device electrical characteristics.
  • Analyze SiC technology and trends.
  • Creating new SiC device concepts and realizing next generation SiC technologies.
  • SiC derivative technology development from the proven new technology.
  • DOE planning to implement the new idea into the experiment and do the evaluation and analysis.
  • Cost and yield analysis for the new SiC technologies.
  • Cost saving works including yield-up activities for the new SiC technologies.
  • Qualification & Requirement

  • Strong communication skills in English
  • BS degree or over in engineering school (M.S preferred).
  • At least 7 years experience in the power device design or development.
  • Understanding of semiconductor fabrication process and device physics
  • Familiarity with device simulation
  • Knowledge of power electronics
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