Regional HQ Application Specialist
Spring Professional
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1. General support in South American Market Management

  • Support during critical bids and Analysis the failure of the demonstration at each dealership
  • Updated market information through competitive activities and reporting specific details
  • Provide regular product training to dealership Sales / Product Manager
  • 2. Onsite support for customer response

  • Implementation of High and Premium products to Key Account Demo
  • Field support for equipment images software issues FT, etc.
  • First, the trade line responds, but the local clinical workforce supports the site in the following cases :
  • Judging based on circumstances such as the designation of important customers, such as large bids, and lack of capability of trading companies

  • Determination of clinical travel to headquarters AM / CM for issues
  • 3. Support for trade events and training

  • Conduct and support training events for local workshops and trading lines.
  • New product launch training (customer or dealer staff)
  • In case of home education, provide education with the company's headquarters
  • Principles of reporting to the clinical clinic of the headquarters on the first 3 day after support
  • 4. Local KOL Management

  • Support for local KOL's main contact points, clinical research support, and performance during the event
  • Need to share contents with the person in charge of local KOL part
  • 5. Principles of Regional General Clinical Reporting

  • In principle, schedule report should be made to the head of the part in the headquarters and the clinical team every month.
  • In case of result report, it is a 3-day activity report after support.
  • Support for Demo, training equipment, image issues FA, events, and training

  • Comprehensive regional support and market status (reporting once a month)
  • 1. Main

  • English (MUST) Fluent in Spanish highly preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the relevant field
  • GI and obstetrician ultrasound scanable
  • Radiation related certificate or experience
  • The candidate should not have restrictions on overseas business trip
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Fluency in Korean Preferred
  • 2. Work conditions

  • Review of permanent employee transition after one year of employment as contract workers
  • Work is expected to be in charge of the Middle East or telecommuting (when there is no travel schedule).
  • 3. Training plan

  • Immediately after hiring, the company provides product training for two to four weeks at the head office. (* Can be changed based on experience)
  • On-site training sessions with the company's headquarters during the initial 6 months
  • Increase understanding through monthly business sharing with headquarters and through Teleconference
  • 4. Evaluation plan

  • KPI is developed by referring to the general clinical practice of headquarters and regions
  • Contact

    Jae Choi 최재화 Consultant

    E : Jaehwa.choi

    W :

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